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DEPARTURE ANNOUNCEMENT: yay Takes a Temporary Break for Health Reasons


[Singapore, 15/5/2024] - In a move to prioritise his well-being, acclaimed VALORANT player yay has decided to take a temporary break from competitive gaming. Following the conclusion of the first split of VCT 2024, yay has opted for a period of rest and reflection to focus on his health before making a triumphant return to the scene.

yay's decision comes after an intense period of competition and dedication to his craft. Recognizing the importance of mental and physical wellness in esports, yay, alongside his team, has chosen to embrace this break as an opportunity for rejuvenation and self-care.

"Health and wellness are at the forefront of our priorities at BLEED" said Ian Huston, COO of BLEED Esports. "yay will be missed as he gets back to 100%, but he has our full support throughout this return. Please be kind through this process and make sure to send him your support!."

Despite the temporary departure, yay's contributions to the team and the wider VALORANT community remain undeniable. As a key member of the Valorant division at BLEED, his impact on the first part of their VCT debut has been notable, despite any challenges faced.

During this period, fans and supporters are encouraged to join the community in sending their well-wishes to Yay as he takes this necessary break. As an integral part of the esports landscape, his health and happiness are of utmost importance to the entire community.