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BLEED Esports Expands into PUBG with New Gaming Division


Singapore - May 27, 2024 - BLEED Esports is proud to announce its foray into the battle royale genre by launching a new PUBG team. This significant expansion underscores BLEED Esports' commitment to broadening its competitive landscape and solidifying its position as a leader in the esports industry.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is the inaugural battle royale game BLEED Esports has ventured into, marking an exciting new chapter for the organization. The newly formed PUBG team consists of five exceptionally skilled players, each bringing a wealth of experience and notable achievements to the squad. The division is made up of Faitric “tRycK” Marsan Sawzi, Setiawan “Happy” Tandi, Fakhri “C1moy15G” Adha, Ridho “Awkarinnnnn-” Dwiki Sena, and Zalman “Ma4nn” Al Farizi. Previously, the team was known as From the Future, an Indonesian local independent team. 

The team, united by community support and driven by a shared vision, is excited to begin their journey under the BLEED Esports banner. Steven “M1xly”, a representative of the team, expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “We are grateful to be part of BLEED as our organization. Initially, we were just local gamers, but our team has consistently given the best for Indonesia. We believe that with BLEED's support, we can achieve more trophies for the organization and the team!”

Anthony Lim, Head of Esports at BLEED Esports, shared his excitement about the new division: “It is fascinating times for us over at BLEED venturing into our first ever Battle Royale title. It definitely makes it all the more fulfilling for it to be one of the pioneers of the genre in our entry into PUBG. I have full confidence in the roster we've acquired, as they're a very exciting prospect. We hope that in bringing them on board, we help springboard and elevate their careers to bring out their true potential and the best versions of themselves. BLEED is absolutely elated to be a part of the PUBG Esports Ecosystem, and we look forward to putting on a good show at the events to come!”

With this new PUBG team, BLEED Esports aims to significantly impact the competitive scene and further its legacy of excellence. Stay tuned for more updates, and watch out for their performances in upcoming tournaments!