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BLEED partners with Disguised to create VALORANT team


BLEED partners with Disguised to create VALORANT team

Our commitment to VALORANT just got even bigger. We are excited to partner up with Disguised, a fan-favourite organization, to create a VALORANT roster in the Malaysia/Singapore region. 

The partnership signifies BLEED’s ambition and commitment to the VALORANT scene. The organization recognizes the importance of the Malaysia/Singapore region and provides its full backing to Disguised as it enters its next evolution in VALORANT Challengers.

Speaking on the partnership, BLEED COO Ian Huston said, “As the Ascension team for VCT Pacific, it’s important to us to remember where we started. To keep supporting Challengers and Malaysia/Singapore through VALORANT, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Disguised’s expansion into Asia. More details on our joint initiatives will be revealed soon, where our priority is the fans and growing our community.” 

Guided by our expertise and assistance with scouting, Disguised aims to break into the VALORANT Champions Tour next year. This marks Disguised’s official exit from NA VALORANT and entry into the SEA region. This move is a ‘homecoming’ for Founder & CEO Disguised Toast, who was born in Taiwan but grew up in Malaysia and frequently visited Singapore as a child.

Together, BLEED and Disguised plan to host watch parties and events, fostering community engagement and delivering unique experiences for our fans. This collaborative effort aims to not only elevate the VALORANT scene but also create lasting memories for the BLEED and Disguised fans. 

The partnership extends beyond regional support; it's a strategic collaboration to propel both organizations onto the global esports stage. BLEED envisions assisting DSG in establishing a legitimate presence in the Asian market while leveraging DSG's influence to potentially facilitate BLEED's entry into the North American esports scene in the future.

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