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BLEED welcomes four new strategic partners to elevate the organization to new heights


We are excited to announce our strategic partnerships with four distinguished gaming companies, marking a significant step in our unwavering commitment to becoming a leading esports organization.

We are proud to announce our esteemed partners are Zowie, Kick, eNDX, and SecretLabs.

At BLEED, integrity is at the core of our operations, and these partnerships are no exception. We've ensured that the acquisition process remains transparent and above board, aligning with our mission to foster a community-driven esports landscape.

Our broader vision is to unite Southeast Asia under the BLEED banner, positioning ourselves as the premier esports organization in the region. This strategic move will empower us to champion education and cultivate dynamic gaming communities, both locally and globally, with a comprehensive roadmap guiding our endeavours.

These partnerships stand as a testament to BLEED's remarkable growth over the past year and our ambitious plans for the future. Our Dota 2 teams achieved a top-15 position in a Major tournament, our Moba Legends team secured third place in the regional league, our VALORANT team qualified for the Asia-Pacific league, and our recent entry into Counter-Strike 2 showcased the results of our collective efforts.

We want to be an educational force, informing and inspiring while also elevating regional influencers within the esports space.

Our ultimate goal is to be recognized not just as a regional powerhouse but as a global esports brand, and we welcome our partners and our fans who will join us along the way.