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FaveN joins BLEED as the second CS2 player


Fresh off announcing Counter-Strike 2 veteran Hampus Poser, we are continuing to build our CS2 squad with the exciting addition of 23-year-old rifler Josef "faveN" Baumann.

FaveN joins forces with Poser and coach Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović, who spearheaded BLEED's entry into the CS2 scene.

A known name in European CS, faveN carved his name as a consistent performer during his time with BIG. His crowning achievement with the German roster came in 2022, as he helped BIG topple FaZe Clan – arguably the world's best team – and claim victory at the Roobet Cup. Prior to his stint with BIG, faveN showcased his talents with Sprout, displaying consistent individual results at the regional level.

FaveN joins BLEED as the second CS2 player

Now under the BLEED banner, faveN is eager to test his mettle against the game's elite once again. BLEED's ambition to compete at the highest level is evident, and faveN's experience and skillset provide a vital piece of the puzzle.

While faveN and Poser form the initial foundation, the CS2 roster at BLEED isn't complete just yet. Fans can expect the remaining spots to be filled soon and we hope you will welcome us when they join!