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Welcome Egoist to BLEED VALORANT


We are excited to announce the newest signing to the BLEED family with VALORANT player Javier “Egoist” Chua.

Egoist is a talented Sentinel player known for his flexibility and fragging power. He’ll join the VALORANT team as the fourth player. We’ve got one more spot to fill, can you guess who it is?

Welcome Egoist to BLEED VALORANT

Egoist had an emphatic return to the VALORANT scene under X10 and even faced off against us in the grand final of the VCT Malaysia/Singapore Split 2, which ended in June this year.

Although we came out on top to secure a spot at Ascension, Egoist proved to be a shining star in the roster.

Unfortunately, following the defeat, X10 would later disband the roster, and Egoist would be left without a team until now.

Now, he’s got a shot to prove himself on the biggest stage in the region. He’ll come up and play alongside some of the best players the Pacific region has to offer.

We will compete in the league next year, with the rebuild almost complete.

We’ve got one more spot to fill, can you guess who it is?

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